TLC Program Personal Development Course

tlc program personal development courses

 A One To One Coaching Program

to transform

your present challenges in life to resourceful energy for change
using CREATIVE processes.


This Creative Transformation Program consists of more than 15 years of techniques and processes from my mentors and teachers on how I have transformed my life from depression, letting my emotions take control of me, from a limiting mindset filled with fear and doubt, to an empowered life and peaceful state of mind to make clear decision each time a challenge comes up.

lingkulankolifecoachingTo me, life is not about having 100% happiness all the time, it’s a balance of the negative and positive, the challenges move you to create more of life or bring you down till you decay – the difference is HOW you turn it over to become a resourceful experience, instead of a drowning disempowering effect, letting your mind run in its own path, or take control with creative methods.

When we are empowered to act on these challenges, you start to view them as opportunities and truly living your fullest potential, who you truly are and meant to live creatively and fully in this universe. I speak from this experience and I invite you to create your own Breakthrough Experience!


Give Yourself a Chance to Experience it

Have a chat with me and experience The TLC Program

30minutes Complimentary Skype session consists of

explore one aspect of your self awareness

understand how you make decision that impacts your life

(key to self innovation) 

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Experiences About the Process

I was lost and stuck in the issues around my life, not knowing how to create new possibilities. You open such a door for me to be able to evaluate and plan my life from a place of clarity. Because of you, I am opening myself up to wonder, ponder and challenge myself to have a solid blueprint that works for me. Coming to Singapore to undergo this transformation has been a turning point in my life, and I see a new path ahead. It is important to me to be able to feel your authentic energy and that all you are doing is guiding me through an energy of serenity and deep belief in me. I am forever grateful.

– A.J. from Germany

A sampler of a three months’ transformation coaching experience:

K. Lim:
The most effective tool for me is “being a Watcher”. I was able to catch myself, my negative thoughts and then use the next technique to create a more useful and powerful state.

Jenny Corsale from UK:
Your presentation on “negative” messages opened my eyes and made me aware of my continual negative affirmations. You are so full of joy and humour. Your presentation is so purehearted!

I always get new areas of growth from you and your articles. Thank you very much, Ling! To be honest, at times I am stuck with reading self-help books but with your coaching process and open sharing of real life experiences, of being in the struggles and how to get “out of box” clearly, how to apply it comes clearly after I understand the practical examples.

Fiona on exploring inner resources: 
It helped me make a new distinction about the way I think of events in my past and future, which is very helpful and will remind me not to crowd things in! So thank you!

Good practical participation to understand and apply the techniques in life.

Thank you for patience to explain things when I didn’t get it. I feel you understand things without words, knowing when to dig, know/feeling when to stop. THANK YOU and I am so happy I met you as you are supporting me through the way.



A mind and heart once stretched by an idea and an experience, can never go back to its original dimensions. This coaching experience will systematically and intuitively draws on your own awareness for change. Respecting your map of the world.


My Background: ling kulanko life coach

Certified NLP Practitioner

WeCreate Life Coach

Certified Accupressure Massage Therapist

Certified Louise Hay Heal Your Life Teacher

More about my mission and vision, personal breakthroughs  read more …

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