Using Vision Board To Manifest Your Goals


How You Can Manifest Your Goals Through Vision Board

It is time again to create a new vision board to manifest my new goals and visions.  Why is it time? For me, short term goals last about 4 months, and looking back at my vision board created about 4 months ago, they have all been fulfilled 🙂

Vision Board
4 months ago vision board

I am starting to work on new tasks and a vision board will keep me energised and charged up each day towards the path.

Well here’s the picture of the vision board I put it up in full view infront of my working desk – look how the colours have faded abit, yes I touched it frequently! To get into the feel of the energy 😀

I personal practice having separate vision boards for different visions – one is of a long term vision, or a life purpose kind of vision.  It consists of pictures and messages of what I believe my life is and to be.

A second vision board is placed right next to my desk, where I can see it every day, it consists of the short term goals (about 3-6months) I want to manifest and stay on track with.

Purpose of a Vision Board

A vision board is to help you:

  • clarify your life’s vision
  • define your vision into goals (separate them based on timeline and topic)
  • stay on track – manifest your goals, get energised and reinforcement through images and words
  • a sense of fulfillment when time has passed and visions come true!

Vision Board Goal Setting




  I Just Did Mine!



Research has shown that if you can see an outcome clearly, you are much more likely to achieve it. In addition, if you look at your vision and bring up the emotions and feelings associated with having already achieved it, especially gratitude, then you activate the universal Law of Attraction and can essentially call that vision into your life, manifesting the outcome.

So wouldn’t you start creating your own vision boards and see your goals being manifested into reality? Take some images from magazines or internet, print them out, play your favorite music, and off you go into some art work for your vision board!

Vision Board Manifestation


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2 thoughts on “Using Vision Board To Manifest Your Goals

  1. I like your vision board, it is so colourful especially with photos. I think it is a good idea to associate photo with descriptive purpose. It’s really awesome. Thanks

    1. thank you Anson! It has worked 100% for me, I hope it also works for many others too in manifesting dreams into reality. 🙂

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