Visionary And The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Got An Inspiration From Steve Jobs: Be A Visionary!

Now that I’ve drawn up my new vision board for the years ahead, looking back, my vision and goals created about twenty years ago have all been fulfilled. Here’s one of the vision I had twenty years ago, and it’s got fulfilled in ten years’ time:

I felt a lot of gratitude and humility.  The road has been tough but each challenge only brought me to uncover more of my inner strength and gem, that I had not known they existed twenty years ago.  And I can say that the transformation journey is on-going and it gets more harmonious when I’m more empowered with a life’s toolbox and a connected heart and mind.

I strongly believe in the success of vision boards, not just creating images, but also assisting you in being a visionary.  When you can have visions in your mind, you can create the life you want with actions led by your subconscious mind.  These images and visions embedded in your subconscious mind is to bring you each step closer into fulfilling your visions.

Subconscious Mind and Law Of Attraction

life coaching singapore subconscious mind
Interesting Neuroscientist presentation in Finland

Neuro scientists have proven that most of our learnings and actions are prompted by the “inhibited” part of the brain – the unconscious part.  When creating these visions, we are prompted to create as vivid images in our mind by engaging as many senses as possible –  how we feel, touch, see, hear, smell how our goals and life would be, what we truly want for our lives.  The more vivid you create these images, the more deep rooted it is in our subconscious mind, only to bring your actions more aligned with your vision.  The more vivid, the more energy you give in affirming this is the life you consciously want to create.  This energy is what we are applying according to the Law Of Attraction.

Start your visionary journey with the short visualization exercise at the end of the video above, and create energised images of what you want to create for your life and leave the rest to your subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction.





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