What Does Living Your Truth Means To You?

To live my truth, is to Be Who I Am, to live my full potential.  This is my message:

Not hiding behind “perceived limitations”, unhelpful patterns, and self sabotaging thoughts and beliefs.

I believe we are each born a magnificent being! Take a look at your baby pictures, how wonderful we all are! Full of smiles, or cries, all full self expression because we were all engaging fully in present moment. Have you seen a baby or child deep in thoughts thinking of past, or future?

Have we lost our present moment focus? Have we been bogged down with regrets of the past and anxiety of the future? Have we lost our way to feel and express all our emotions? Have we been hiding our truths?

My truth is in living who I am, what matters to me, doing what I love and sharing my journey and experiences in removing or rather coming out beyond the perceived limitations, so I can be open to see and embrace the endless possibilities in life. This way, I can say I live each day in my fullest potential.

Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive and express what we truly are.  — don Miguel Ruiz

I am very inspired by this poem I read from a creative coach who wrote it for her daughter, and here’s sharing with you – being clear of who you are, and just do it:

I want you to know that there are few things in life that matter. I also want you to know that most of what you are TOLD matters, doesn’t.

What really matters is that you are clear inside yourself what matters to you.

And it matters that you keep that inner voice listened to. That you really, deeply look after that voice and tend to it every single day. As you do, with time, you will be able to live your whole life knowing exactly which way you are going and why, joyfully.

Your beauty and your brilliance are within you, they always were and they always will be.

Your brilliance is like a compass, guiding your actions and your deeds. When you tend to that inner brilliance, you will be living joyfully and helping others to do the same.

Your beauty lies in the doing of your brilliance and sharing that gift with the world.

I hold you to this; ask yourself how you can best serve humanity, and ask yourself what your unique talents are. Find whatever it is that you and only you do more brilliantly than any other human being on earth, and DO it!

The rest will follow.

– Vannessa Jane Smith wrote this letter to her daughter.

Live Your Full Potential

After I wrote this post, I went out for a walk and saw this…

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