What Is Creativity For You?

being creative

Being creative is a big part of my being. I think doing things creatively helps to ease the path in our lives. Some people may say, oh I’m just not creative, I used to say that too. But I think creative as it is, it exists in many forms and ways, unlimited it is.

what is creativity

So what does creativity means to you? For me it’s about opening up my eyes to different forms, colours, perspective, touch, basically being open to possibilities. It’s about letting ideas pop up freely, without judgement, and being open.

A building may look simple and plain at the first glance, but if you empty your mind of all expectations (of perhaps what a building shape should be) you start to see the different angles and shapes appearing. And how it fits or stand out among the rest.

being creative

Creativity trains the mind to be able to see different perspectives out of a situation, it helps in broadening our mind and comes in very handy in situations when we are stuck or “perceived as stuck” in a problem. Most often when we change a different perspective, we found a new idea, the answer or solution. An idea leads to the next and the next… in no time, we are on the way of small steps leading to a completion of our final goal.

Being open is the first step to being creative.

Be open to express and let the energy flow. Creativity can start with different things in your life – try a different cooking style, try listening, listening to sounds of nature helps to empty your mind and let ideas come in its own time. In a brainstorming session, do not be quick to dismiss any ideas that are being brought up, put them in the list and re-evaluate. You’ll be surprise it may come in perhaps not directly applicable to current situation but when you do not judge or “block” it, your subconscious mind allows it to come up as an impression in another event.

I’d like to leave you with this extract from a book I read “Creativity Now” by Jurgen Wolff :

4 Creative brainstorming guidelines

  1. Quantity counts. During a session come up with as many ideas as you can, as quickly as you can. Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling revealed the secret of his prodigious ability to generate breathroughs: ‘I have lots and lots and lots of ideas, and then I throw away the bad ones.’ The key in the statement is ‘lots and lots and lots of ideas’.
  2. No judging! There will be a time to evaluate your ideas and throw away the bad ones. But the brainstorming session is not it. Judging includes not only critical comments, but also eye-rolling, tsking and shaking your head.
  3. Write down every idea.  Writing down some ideas and not others is a form of judging.
  4. Don’t be afraid to build on other ideas – yours or someone else’s.  sometimes a small addition or variation of an existing idea is what turns into a real breathrough.

Here’s some more of the pictures and “perspectives” I took of the streets in Helsinki, a place I’ve lived since 11 years ago, and still appears to be something new each time I change an angle 🙂

what is creativitycreative life coaching

Now get started with creativity with these elements … fun, spirit, full self-expression:  A Creative Transformation Process

elements of creativity


 Creativity & Expanding Possibilities in the business world:

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