What is Intuition? How Do We Develop Our Intuition?

How to Develop Our Intuitive Intelligence?

Intuition is such a thing that we really cannot explain it tangibly.  For me, it is something I experience it intensely in the past two years.

A type of intelligence complementary to rational thinking.  – Myers 2001.

Intuition is difficult to identify and understand because it is thought to occur somewhere in the unconscious. – Dane and Pratt, 2004.

For me, intuition is integrating of both the conscious and unconscious mind. It’s not about ignoring what the rational mind is doing, but rather, work with it – acknowledge what the ego wants to speak and lead and uncover more of what is beyond.

what is intuition?

At this stage of my life, having spent the last 20 years on the “rational side of things” – knowledge, science, execution… I am at the part of my life that I get so fascinated with applying and living the intuitive side, also to me, very creative side. And integrating with my conscious, ego self.

What do I mean by that?

Recognizing my conscious self – being aware of automatic, mechanical patterns of waking up in the morning at a certain time, the comfort zone, I ask questions, what if I could do this differently – waking up earlier and spend 30 minutes with morning air? I hear the ego speaks “urgghh it’s too cold out there” “I can’t wake up too early” blah blah blah, and the part that I have most resistance with (aka. comfort zone) would be the part I would pay more attention to uncover it.  That which the ego wants to block what could be unfolding or happening (subconscious).

Can I paint?

I am not an artist…

It is a risky business…

And so how and why I would do it differently for my life and achieve breakthrough?

What is Intuition for me – integrating conscious and unconscious mind.

This is integrating with the conscious and unconscious to me – conscious awareness and acknowledgement and allowing the unconscious to unfold.

conscious and unconscious mind
A different perspective looking at the tree at my morning walk

Developing our intuitive intelligence expands our thinking potential and inner wisdom.

The decisions I made about a major property purchase, venturing overseas and going up to talk to a stranger who then became my husband were all based on a big part of intuitive decision with conscious awareness.  Creating clarity and open to create more possibilities when things don’t turn out the way we planned it to be.  The inner knowing that is intentional (conscious), and yet allowing the path to unfold, with least resistance (unconscious).

Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can’t get there by bus, only by hard work and risk and by not quite knowing what you are doing. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself.

— Alan Alda

Here are some ways I’d suggest as a way of developing intuition:

1. Do one thing as day that is out of an automatic pattern. 
For example, if you wake up at a certain time, and do a set of specific things thereafter, try breaking the pattern and introduce a new activity, say go out for a 15minutes walk before breakfast. This is consciously introducing a pattern of “what if” and then allow it, and see what happens.

2. Use and fully develop your senses. 
I practice this faithfully and have seen myself grown over the past 5 years by practicing this – fully utilize our senses in seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. This way you get in touch with your inner knowing and potential, how much you can gain insights through your five senses. This is especially useful for me, in sensing energy. We are all energy field, and sometimes when we enter a room, or place we can feel the energy – for example, when people are angry, they give out a lot of energy, and hence the room may be “dense”.
I also apply this to managing my health, the mind body connection, using my sense of feeling/touching and sensing my body parts where it is aching or reacting due to a pain or symptoms, I gain insights into what I’d do next to treat my body.

3. Acknowledge and make affirmative intention.
I believe the most effective first step to move forward is to acknowledge the what is – even the negative. The least resistance we apply to the pattern or situation, the more we can let go and start to find the next path forward.  So the next time, our ego self wants to speak, let it and just say or write it down (to apply our conscious self) – “it’s ok, I know right now I think I can’t do it.”
And then create an intention for the positive change – “What if I could change, I could also do … “. This is to activate our subconscious mind, to introduce a new way, yet to be known, no thinking required, just an intention. And so opens the path forward for our insights and being to unfold.

Ok, now go experience your intuitive side, it’s your natural skill. 🙂

develop intuition - conscious action into unconscious




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