What Is Positive Thinking and Healthy Eating In Singapore With All The Good Food?

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What is your reaction when you are looking at this picture? Delicious tiramisu cake I’m going to eat it! Or mumbling about your worries just how much calories this cake has? What has positive thinking got to do with weight management?

We are all too familiar especially with our lady friends who would just lament how much weight they would gain just before they devour a big piece of cake or something really delicious but “sinful”, i.e. too much calories. I think it is a torture to think or worry about it in this way.

positive thinking and weight management


I have consciously banished these thoughts some 15 years back and have since managed to eat what I want, fulfilling my “food desires” without gaining much weight.  You see, I love food. Like father like daughter, my dad has this influence on me, we enjoy eating all different kinds of food – chinese, vietnamese, indian, thai, european, russian, etc etc. As I travel more to different parts of the world, I truly enjoy all the different foods.  It would have been a big mental and physical torture if I would to count the calories and try to restrict my eating so as to maintain my weight. So then how do I maintain about the same weight for the past 15 years?

I strongly believe in using positive thinking towards weight management.  Counting the calories and getting into worried thoughts will not help to maintain a proactive and healthy lifestyle and therefore, a healthy weight and eating.

Here are the approaches I choose in my daily lifestyle which I believe help to maintain my weight:

1. I listen to my body with full awareness, meaning during meditations, I would focus on my breath and sense where there is congestion.  I listen to my body even when I am eating, which is why I eat very slowly.  The more I know about my body, the more I know what food works well with my body – how much amount is too much for me.  Every body is unique, one person may need extra much amount of water each day, while another person can do with just normal amount of intake.

2. I respect my body. I eat what my body desire. That said, it does not mean I binge eat. They are completely different.  In my opinion, the more we resist the food we like to eat, the more likely we would over eat it the very chance we get to eat healthy diet planit.  The main point here is respect, respecting our body – what it likes, how much amount is too much, how it can be satisfied. Not avoiding it, but respecting it. And be aware if it is emotional eating or respecting what you like to eat.

3. Balance is the key.  I love tiramisu cakes as much as I love vegetable juices.  I believe in good balance.  You can’t eat tiramisu every single day, if you truly listen to your body, your sense of smell and taste, you’d have thrown up by the time you eat the 3rd piece of tiramisu.  Our body works well when it is in balance, and only we can tell how much our own body wants.  So define the balance for your body. For me, I know I would detox my body when I sense there has been too much food or meat I’ve taken.

4. I love my body. I look at my body, I give massage for my body and use my sense of touch to understand more about my body. I know what size is my body, what I am comfortable with. Most often we measure our body size by comparing it with other’s opinion or judgement.  Do you compare your body with the thiniest person in the world, just how far would it go? So learn to define what size you are comfortable with your body. When you love your body, you will do anything positive to maintain the size you want – climb the stairs, morning 15minutes stretches, even mindful walk – walking consciously with stomach sucked in and visualize using every single  muscles within your legs as you walk each step.

5. I adjust accordingly. Our body changes accordingly to time and place. When we moved to a different country, we may not get to eat the same kind of food we have grown up with.  Therefore we need to listen and change. We may not eat the same number of meals each day, as we age we may not need the same amount anymore.  Eat only when our body wants, not according to a fixed schedule or pattern.

Some positive affirmations with a healthy eating lifestyle:

healthy eating singapore

You don’t need strenous exercise to eat that delicious piece of tiramisu cake or a great steamboat buffet with friends, every little possible way to respect and love our body takes care of the big picture, because all else can fall into place naturally when it is initiated from a positive angle.

So happy eating all the delicious food in Singapore and happy loving our body!

Please share with all of us in the comments below, how you maintain your weight happily? 🙂


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