What Is Self Awareness

What Is Self Awareness and How To Develop This Skill

Self awareness is simply being conscious of yourself – your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. I’d further add on, of being non-judgemental, just be aware. This is typically the first topic I start with my coaching sessions, because I believe it is the first skill or most fundamental before we can transform our lives. To be conscious of  what is important to you, how you make decisions and what are your actions.  This empowers you to change.

what is self awareness

There are many benefits to develop self awareness.  Self Awareness helps us to be more understanding of what are our strengths, weaknesses, and therefore better manage our goals and outcomes.  When we are willing to be self aware, we are in proactive state to empower ourselves, conscious of our actions and thereby transform our lives in the process.  It is the first step in allowing us to acknowledge a situation, without which there is no impetus to change and transformation.

So how can we become more self aware? How can we develop this skill of being more conscious of our lives and take more control?

There are many ways to develop self awareness, and these are the ways I personally practice:

1. Be with nature
Being out with nature allows us to be more relaxed and hence a great opportunity to be more conscious of our inner thougself awarenesshts and being.  Learning to connect and appreciate nature, we allow our consciousness to rise up.

2. Physical expression
Exercise or dancing will raise your consciousness by promoting healthy brainwave patterns and great circulation throughout your nervous system. Dancing and taking long walks are my personal favourites as they allow me to be aware of my physical structure, how I express my being through movements, my pace and what I am comfortable with.  And they are fun too!

3. Simple meditation or visualization
This is a simple act to be achieve more focus and discipline, be aware of our breath, and visualize the possibilities, how we see, hear, feel, touch or even smell, being fully in touch with our five senses, so as to explore more possibilities for ourselves.

4. Spending time with true friends
Spend time with friends that align with who you are, your beliefs, and your values – they will make you more conscious. These are your true friends, and though they can be tough to find, they should definitely be cherished. Give some of your true friends a call, or even skype (which is my favourite 🙂 and make it a habit to spend more time with them. They will make you reaffirm your conscious being, of who you are.

5. Be more open minded
Being open-minded is a key aspect in the process of becoming a more conscious individual. When we haven’t accepted the diversity that our planet has to offer: ranging from different cultures, religions, wildlife, and beliefs, we will stay in our same state of consciousness or being more closed up. Being open minded need not be trying out a new belief, it can be having a non judgemental approach to situation and just experience, and let it flow.

6. Acceptance of emotions
No matter what emotions you’re going through, the first step is to acknowledge them instead of pushing them away.  Resisting your emotions and trapping them inside yourself makes life much more difficult. Trying to escape from our emotions lowers our awareness. When you accept what you feel and consciously understand why you feel a certain emotion, your level of consciousness rises.

7. Face your fears
I have mentioned this many times, facing our fears, even literally, asking why you are here, allows us to breakthrough the surface layer and know ourselves better.  Most often, the fears are simply unfounded, or you’ll find empowering solutions by facing them. The choice to face these will help you considerably in your ability to make conscious choices and actions to move forward. And know that, to face up to fears you need not wait or have that courage, simply be in touch with your vulnerability and accepting it, opens up the ease to face up to fears.

8. Start a personal journal
Starting a personal journal or blog is a great time investment that will allow yourself to become more conscious of your thoughts, feelings, actions, beliefs, etc.  What is nice personally for me is that it helps me keep tabs on how I have progressed in my journey, consciously, what are the thoughts and therefore actions I took, giving me later an understanding, knowledge, and conscious awareness of what has become.

9. Share your insight with others
Everyone has a different perspective based on their personal experience, purpose, and personality. Therefore, each individual has a unique form of insight that they can share with others. When you share and express yourself, and allowing others to share and express themselves, this interchange helps you to be more aware of what you can accept and apply for yourself, conscious of what you respect for yourself and others.

So here’s sharing my personal experience 🙂 , I would love to hear your experience with the comments.

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