What Is Your Dream Job?

Dream Job? What Is Your Job?

Before we get there, your dream job, what do you answer to this question “what is your job”?


Say you’re in a plane, or a waiting area, striking a conversation with the person next to you, and this person asks you probably the most common one between strangers “so what is your job?”. What did you say?

About The Goal or About The Role

Did you describe your job as a role, the tasks you do? Or did you describe it as a purpose or goal to achieve?

I did a survey last week with 10 people and only one answer in terms of a goal, he said “to provide customer the technical support/service they need to the best of my knowledge”, this sounds like what his company mission would be as one providing marine support systems, and later I found out that his role is an engineer.

Try this exercise – when you describe your job as a role, or as a purpose or mission, how do you feel? Is there a difference?

A New Consciousness

This post is inspired by a business coach Fred Kofman, who is the founder of Conscious Business Center with a mission to develop leaders that inspire emotional, intellectual and moral excellence. Here is a video where he shared with linkedin employees what he meant by “Your job is your not job”: http://youtu.be/6OI7REyatq4

That your job is the collective mission or purpose that the company is providing. There has been some controversial arguments of considerations of personal goals within a job, but the point I think he is making with this is – when you start to think of and relate to your job as a bigger purpose and mission to accomplish, the consciousness expands, and you start to wonder into how much more creative and possibilities you can add value to the work you do, and what is the meaning of it all.

So what was my answer to this question?  

I remember when I was working with corporate world, I often said this, “I am project manager” , “I manage a team of people in an online marketing program”, “I’m a trainer”.

my dream job

This is a picture of me leading a program team to create a retail sales process to engage our customers at the store front. Well basically what our company’s mission is to be “connecting people” with the mobile phones selling at the stores worldwide.

When I expanded my consciousness to think beyond my role, beyond the tasks and activities I do in this role, daily, yearly, I began to lighten up with many new ideas, that there are many other possible ways that I can contribute to this mission. Beyond a program manager, to go towards this purpose of connecting people worldwide, what’s this program aim to achieve, is it closer to driving towards the mission? Are all my team members having the same inspiration? same motivation towards this goal? When we have a challenge with the budget, schedule and process integration, can we step back and take an eagle view how we are with our common mission? Or are we spending time on activities so minute that as a collective whole we are not moving with the same goal?

what is your dream job


Are you enjoying what you do in your job right now? What are you motivated by each day you arrive at your work? So what is that dream job to you looks like? So many questions, but first,

What is your job?

Share with me please. 🙂



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