What It Really Means To Think Big

Think Big – What’s The Magic?

Often we hear the message “Think Big” “Live Your Fullest Potential”, what comes up to your mind and what do you do after that?

For me, it’s to be a visionary for my life. To create visions of my life so real and vivid, that it stays in my mind and drives all that I do. Until it is a reality.

magic of thinking big

This is something I practice when I want to create a new path or goals in life, I will sit with myself, and see a world that is without boundaries, consciously removing limitations when each limiting thought comes up, if anything is possible… what do I see

who I am

who I’m with

what I’m doing joyfully

how am I doing it

what does it feels like

Get more details as much as possible… at the end of the session, I would feel energised. Like I have peeped into a hole and saw something is real… it’s there.

Before you look outside, look within. It’s the fire that drives into reality. Hold this vision.

Visions Into Reality

I have been experiencing it this way, creating the vision to my life partner, the lifestyle I desired.  Many a times, our doubts are created by our limiting beliefs or past negative experiences. So to cut off these noises, you’ve got to give yourself time to create these new visions. Visions of the life you want. Visions of the desired life partner, how he is like, how you feel to be with such a person, how real it could be is how much you visualise and feel yourself in it. See a smile on your face then you can hold this vision into your mind and heart space.  So you don’t get swayed by external and internal noises, that may distract you from what you truly love.

I’m creating new visions into my life, a purposeful and fulfilling work of my future. How I want to live it out, who I’m being with that creates maximum joy each day, what role models are surrounding my life, no boundaries and limitation, and if tomorrow is the last day on earth, who I want to become?

This clears up the doubts and fears, and each time I renew and get in touch with this clear vision, a peep into my future, to hold this as a reality, I act consciously each moment.

thinking big - tunnel to your vision

What do you see as you take a peep into the visions of your life?

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