What To Do When People Don’t Like You

What Is Your Reaction When Someone Doesn’t Like You?

Do you know why they don’t like you, or is it just an assumption?

Being a coach or mentor or someone providing a service, we get this at times when people just doesn’t like the service, or after an enquiry decides not to response, not even a courteous yes or no. It’s easy to jump on the conclusion and says oh this person doesn’t like my service and get all upset, unhappy.

Yes maybe, we wouldn’t know until we get the response from the horse’s mouth. And if yes, so he or she doesn’t like it, he has a right to have his own experience.

If we choose to react from it, then we need to question deeper than just our emotions.  What are the reasons that our service is not getting our desired outcome? Is there an objective reason or just a personal preference or experience? Is there something we can improve? Or is it an emotional self-growth journey, a trip to address our ego and emotional state of being?

The more meaningful way to get out of this experience is to move beyond discussing about other people’s personal judgement and experiences. Because they have a right to their judgement, and they have their own personal journey, not to be entangled with our very own. So we got to move the level up, to a vision where we explore our own experiences, our own goals and journey, why we do what we do and are we still on track.

Clarity In Life

Having clarity in life is directly linked to having happiness and peace in life. The less we get entangled in the emotional roller coaster, the more we have time for creating joy and possibilities.

I’ve seen this quote before and I think in this situation, this quote is most applicable:

great minds discuss ideas

I think it’s a great reminder for us, at times when we struggle with our emotions how someone dislike who we are or what we do, stop and level up our minds and create visions, ideas and solutions – who we are, and what we really want to do and be.


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