When Everyone Says No to Your Dream

You finally decided on a path, your dream goal, and you were about to start the journey, but all the friends and family around you said “Nah”, “No it’s a boring place”, “It’s so far away”, “It’s so expensive!”, “You’ll loose this and that”, one colleague even took out a calculator to count how much losses in CPF money over the years…

When Everyone Around You Said “NO” to Your Dream

What would you do?

I recall this event some twelve years ago, when I finally decided to pack my bags and leave for Finland. I had kept this vision within me for many years – to be able to travel around the world, and experience other cultures and community. As soon as I started work, I held the vision clearly at the back of my mind. All my actions were driven by this motivation. The jobs I was searching to go into next, the places I visited each year to experience what would be close to my heart, my being were motivated by this vision.

And eventually after 200+ letters of application and many rejections (yes I counted the Sent folder in my mailbox), I was accepted by a job in Finland, the interview was even held on the first day of Chinese New Year. I wouldn’t say no, or dare request a change of date. My heart was burning with desire and appreciation for the opportunity. It was funny though, I caught a flu and sore throat eating all the Chinese New Year goodies, and went to the interview with a bad cough. Things flow smoothly however, and I was chosen!

I started telling my family and friends that I was going! But alas, none of them supported my decision. The irony was, what they said to me sounded logical – yes the place is very far away from Singapore, from my family, it is a very cold place that I’ve never been to so how could I cope when I’ve never cooked a meal for myself, and yes, thanks to my colleague who took pains to calculate how much “losses” I would “suffer from the lack of CPF contribution (there is no liaison between Finland and Singapore, so all the hefty taxes I paid to Finland will be left in that country), all these were facts and logical deductions.

Live Your Dreams

I couldn’t disagree with them. But all I could say was, I am still going. Because it has always been my vision, because it means a lot to me, because it has always been my passion to feel, see, hear, touch other communities, because my heart sings whenever I talked about this vision. It was all enough to support my action, to still go when everyone close to me said “No”.

The day when I touched down to Finland, and settled into my room, I went out to the forest for a walk. I looked up and this is what I saw.

Dreams fulfilled

Instantly I said to myself “Dreams fulfilled”. I love life. I love being me.

This post was inspired by a coachee last month who was at a crossroad to making the next move in his career and passion. Eventually he made his decision after two sessions of guiding through the process within. There was a struggle to find the purpose within, to finally honour what it is that you truly want from the experience. But when the purpose is within, not without (with the outside factors) and it is very strong, it is all that matters in life. Because it is this burning purpose and vision at present that is going to drive your future. Honour that.

live your dreams


Are you at a cross road, deciding which way to go? Where do you get the motivation for your move? How do you separate the “noises” from society pressures, the doubts and fears from your own voice, goals and vision?  Share with me, experience a mindful session, discovery into your own voice with a 30mins complimentary session:   Mindful Coaching Session

I hope this post inspires you in some way.


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