You Can Heal Your Life Workshop Singapore

Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life Workshop Singapore

You Can Heal Your Life® Workshop Singapore – A Life Transformation

Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life Workshop Singapore

  • Are you feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, sad, angry or depressed, thinking, there’s got to be more to my life than this?
  • Are you experiencing financial difficulties, or health, relationship or career problems?
  • Do you want to break through the negativity in your life, the repeating unfulfilled patterns in a safe, loving and supportive environment so that you can heal your life and take actions to achieve your goals in life?

If the answer is YES to any of the questions above you are welcome to join me in this powerful one day workshop to RELEASE old repeating patterns that do not serve you well, and uncover your TRUE potential so that you can start to SOAR and move forward in whatever you want to achieve in life.

What is Heal Your Life?

louise hay
Louise Hay

Do you simply learn to “heal” illnesses, or areas of your body?  What we meant here is based on the philosophy that all areas of our life where we faced issues with can be improved, or so-called healed, by uncovering the limiting beliefs or “blind spots” and find a resolution.  Life do not need to be complicated.  There is always a solution out there.

Before “The Secret” there was Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”, which continues to be a bestseller worldwide. It teaches you how to improve ANY area of your life; relationships, finances, career, housing, confidence, self esteem etc. through consciously changing your thoughts.

We are all on a journey, a journey to live our fullest potential.

Practical And Effective Solutions To Life

Louise Hay, who cured herself of cancer and created a beautiful life for herself through the methods she teaches, is often referred to as the Mother of Affirmations, bringing The Law of Attraction and Metaphysics to public attention since the 1980′s. Her teachings have benefited millions of people worldwide and this workshop goes even further by providing you with the opportunity to actually apply the principles to your own life so that you can live the life you’re always dreamed about.

This is a very powerful workshop that will help you identify core negative beliefs that have prevented you from achieving your dream life. Whether that’s in the area of love, relationships, career, finances or health etc. It will help you break the patterns in your past where you have sabotaged yourself, help you understand why you would have done this to yourself in the first place and give you the tools to stop you from blocking yourself again in the future.

You will work on all four aspects of the self; emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. You will learn how to release and let go of what you no longer want in your life in order to bring in people and situations that you DO want.

you can heal your life
An Authentic, Healing & Powerful workshop

What you achieve at end of the workshop:

  • Develop an awareness of your negative beliefs
  • Release old emotions and limitations
  • Change your mindset, change your life
  • Acceptance and Love oneself
  • Create the vision to the life you desire


Especially for people who are feeling the following:

  • I am not good enough
  • childhood pain
  • Life is a struggle
  • I have no control over my thoughts and emotions
  • I fear what is ahead
  • I am not sure what is my life purpose and mission
  • There is no way I can resolve bad relationships with my family and colleagues


At the end of the day (~8 hours) you will walk away lighter and a renewed inner self and will be more attractive to whatever it is you want out of life and you will also go home empowered with practical tools and techniques that will help you deal with your life in more positive ways.

Here’s what some of the participants say about our workshops:

Yoges on Mirror Work:Ling Kulanko certified louise hay heal your life teacher
I observed myself as I looked into the mirror and repeat the statement “I love myself as I am now” then I realised I look super anxious, worried, fearful and miserable no matter how many times I repeated the statement and I kept needing to cry but without tears.  The energy got so heavy I had to go out. I came back to it and the message came through that I am a pretty, beautiful and inspirational me!  It was super shocking and amazing!

Judy Rafat from Belgium:
Fantastic meditation and healing session! A calm but powerful message in the workshop. Authentic presentation.

Jenny Corsale from UK:
Your presentation on “negative” messages opened my eyes and made me aware of my continual negative affirmations.  You are so full of joy and humour. Your presentation is so purehearted!

 Robert from Singapore:
The affirmation bath was great!

Nassera from Singapore:
Thank you for the patience to explain things when I didn’t get it. I feel you understand things without words, knowing when to dig, know/feeling when to stop. THANK YOU and I am so happy I met you as you are supporting me through the way.

Jennifer from Singapore:
The Louise Hay workshop went very well. I’m happy with the content! Thank you for a day well spent.

You Can Heal Your Life® Workshop Singapore –

Next Workshop Date: 13 December 2014 Saturday

Time: 10am to 6pm

Location: SCWO, Training Room 5, 96 Waterloo Street.

Investment:  S$288*  Including meditation CD and course notes.

Limited to 5 seats only. 

*early registration before 1 December 2014 – S$50 off!


Ready For The Change In an Authentic, Healing and Powerful workshop?


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